The Best Searches That Made People Come to PeteHatesMusic – Part 1 of 3

There’s a program called Google Analytics that bloggers and other websites use to track their web traffic. Sadly, I am still the only visitor to PeteHatesMusic. Actually, that joke renders this whole post useless so ignore it. One cool feature is you can tell how people arrived at your site (“at gunpoint!”). For those who came via search engines, we can look at what keywords they searched to arrive on PeteHatesMusic. And some of these searches are just AWESOME.

There have been many search words that I have found to be absolutely hilarious. I’m going to share some of the best of the first half of this year over a series of 3 posts. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I did. And hopefully, you aren’t the one who searched for these words. How some of these people ended up at PeteHatesMusic based on these words is beyond me. Maybe my site is more fucked up than I thought! Check out Part 1 of 3 below.

Curious Minds Want To Know
Can i listen to the song called “hot problems”
Can i tweet the police?
Can you get kidnapped in south Africa
Did hot chip really harm animals for their video
Do post it notes ruin car paint
Do you grind at Coachella
Does ashton kutcher sing in niggas in paris
Does maynard hate Vancouver
Does nirvana still make music?
How do you know your good at texting
How does oprah feel about whitney houston’s death
How is the crowd at toronto acc concert?
How many music notes in money, money, money – MONEY
How much beer is in a case?
How to make a polish girl happy
Is anthony keidis’ dad a transvestite?
is beyonce’s daughter the devil?
Was lenny kravitz in milli vanilli

People Who Don’t Know How to Use Apple’s Virtual Assistant – Siri
Siri check on news for red hot chili peppers tampa show did they cancel
Siri can you look up the lyrics for midnight city by m83
Siri how many number one songs to the music band nickelback
Siri how many seats are there at the prudential center in newark new jersey
Siri i’d like to know dallas green’s producer
Siri what do you think of the new kanye and jay-z song
Siri who played olive oil in the popeye movie
Hey siri who was the first lead singer to the foo fighters

These People Might Be A “Little” Desperate. Please Stay Away From Me
Depressing songs for valentines day when you’re lonely
1980’s photos madonna cone bra
Albums with naked women on them
Are there drugs that make you forget
Beautiful hairy pregnant
Best sad pics of boys
Choose your own adventure sex
Chris-martin sex fans
Do girls grind with guys at ultra dance festival
Ex girlfriend posting depressing music facebook

In the Department of Love and Hate
Does maynard hate Vancouver
Does anthony kiedis like black eyed peas
Does dave grohl hate nickelback?
Does jack white hate the black keys
Does howard stern like the beach boys
Does trent reznor hate coldplay
I hate how iphones smudge
I hate mariqueen maandig
I hate neil youngs video for old suzannah
Hates snowpatrol

More killer searches coming over the next 2 days, so stay tuned for madness.

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