Because You Want It: A Robot Dancing to Gangnam Style

Are we all sick of Gangnam Style? “No Pete, we don’t even know what it is!” So we’ve seen spoofs and everyone under the sun cover South Korean rapper Psy’s unexpectedly massive hit, Gangnam Style. Be prepared to see all of your Asian friends dressed as PSY this Halloween. Racial stereotypes – check.

The latest in the long line of all things Gangnam Style is a robot from Virginia Tech in the United States. For some reason, they have a five foot tall humanoid robot. Not only has the robot, CHARLI-2, been a repeat champion at the RoboCup robotics awards two years straight, but he can dance to Gangnam Style.

CHARLI Robot Gangnam Style (Screen Cap)

However, he doesn’t do the dance quite the same as in the video, but IT’S A DANCING ROBOT. Let’s just marvel at that. Check it out below. Maybe that should be your Halloween costume instead.

(via Technabob)

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