Introducing the Vending Machine You Physically Attack

Have you ever sat there in a bar and thought to yourself, “Man, if I could only repeatedly body-check something, that would make tonight perfect”? We’ve all been there. Well, those brilliant South Americans are at it again. First, Brazil gave us Guitar Pee. Now, from Argentina, we have the first beer-dispensing vending machine that requires you to ram its side for it to operate (via Dvice).

Conceived as an idea to market Cerveza Salta beer, this machine requires you to pop in your money, and then slam yourself into the side of it as hard as you can. Hopefully you hit hard enough to get it to spit you out a can. A handy strength meter in the front tells you how close you are to getting some booze. They advertise it as being safer than you would expect, which is good. I can see a hockey version of this translating nicely to Canada, and by ‘translating nicely’ I mean violently getting out of hand.

For you smaller people out there who may feel left out, don’t worry, this will keep all the giant goons in the place occupied while you get the rest of the bar to hang out in and chill. Plus, medical personnel will get extra shifts working late at night attending to shoulder injuries. Check out the commercial for this new machine:

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