Morning Music Notes – Put a Little Dookie in Your Bank Holiday Weekend

Green Day Announce “Surprise” Reading Festival Slot This Weekend

Green Day announced a one-off London show for tonight, and now have decided to add a festival slot while they are in the country. The Reading Festival, which runs a shared Bank holiday weekend festival with the Leeds Festival, will be graced by Green Day. Not only will Green Day appear, but they will be playing their classic album Dookie in full (via Gigwise). No word on the exact day they are appearing, but I guess that’s the surprise part of it. The Reading Festival includes bands this weekend such as Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Florence + the Machine, Kasabian, At the Drive-In, Justice, The Shins, The Cure, Django Django, Azealia Banks, and lots more.

A Few Staggering Facebook Statistics

Facebook – heard of it? I use it to Poke people all day. Ah, the joys of the Internet. Other people use it for other things, and it uses a heck of a lot of data. Everyday, the following things happen on Facebook (via Gizmodo):

– I play Farmville for 5-6 hours
– 2.5 Billion items are shared
– 2.7 Billion Likes
– I look through photo albums of people I don’t know but want to know
– 300 Million photos uploaded
– 500+ Terrabyte of new data is ingested

Facebook has also rolled out some changes to the Messages, as it now features a side-by-side display of your inbox and the messages. So sort of like Outlook’s preview pane then? No one sends me messages, so I cannot confirm this feature.

The Story That Headline Writers Love: LL Cool J Knocks Out Robber, Possibly Because Mama Said To

A burglar, who obviously lacks street smarts and hasn’t seen LL Cool J’s muscle-ripped body, broke into the rapper/actor’s home in Los Angeles. How did it end? A TKO victory for the rapper, who broke the thief’s nose and jaw (via NME). They reportedly came face to face around 2am, after LL heard a noise in his house. The robber definitely isn’t Doin’ It Well, as he picked the wrong house. So many puns, so little time – I guess I’m That Type of Guy.

Azealia Banks Might Be Recording With Kanye West, and It Might Be Awesome

One of the hottest names in hip hop these days is Azealia Banks. Her cryptic tweets have led people to believe that she’s in Kanye West’s Honolulu recording studio, doing some tracks with him (via Consequence of Sound). Not so cryptic was her tweeting “When Kanye West Calls…You Go to Honolulu” in 2 separate tweets. Are they hanging out and watching movies with Kim? Not based on these other tweets: “The past seven days have really been epic[…]I’m really nervous[…]. Wow, i get to travel and see the world and rub shoulders with all these really talented people and do all kinds of cool shit. this is funn.”

Come on, fun with 2 n’s? Azealia’s debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, has been pushed back to next year, but she’s still riding high with her 1991 EP and Fantasea mixtape.

Listen! Menomena – Capsule

Menomena are about to release Moms on September 18, and the duo have another new song for us from the disc. Lots of guitar buzz here and why not – a mini jam session, complete with flutes. Check out the song below.

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