Watch Trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained

Pretty much everything Quentin Tarantino does turns to gold. His hits far outweigh his misses. More importantly, he picks incredibly fitting songs for his films, and soundtracks them brilliantly, often revitalizing the songs in the mainstream scene. His latest film, Django Unchained, doesn’t come out until Christmas, but the trailer has finally been released. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, and Christoph Waltz, and is about a German bounty hunter and a former slave (Django, who gets “unchained”) who team up to try and find Django’s wife, who is held by Leonardo (an evil plantation owner). Yes, it’s another revenge flick from QT, but does anyone do it better?

So what music do we hear in the trailer for Django Unchained? The music starts off with a little Johnny Cash, with Ain’t No Grave. It quickly shifts to James Brown’s The Payback, and there’s not much reading between the lines to do there with the song title and movie theme. The music is more Jackie Brown than a western about slaves, but that’s the genius of Tarantino. Check out the movie trailer and wish it was December (if only for the Christmas presents).

Django Unchained Trailer

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