Google Maps Improves 3D Maps, Street View, and Adds Offline Support

This is primarily a music blog, but we feature cool technologies and other geeky things. One thing we cannot get enough of is the innovation behind all things Google Maps related. Yesterday, Google announced some changes and improvements, trying to beat Apple to the punch. Apple is planning on scrapping Google Maps from their iPhones in favour of their mapping system, which has yet to be displayed or demoed. Check out a summary of the changes announced yesterday (via Digital Trends).

Look Mom, 3D!

Google’s 3D is a cross over of Street View and 45 degree aerial shots, provided by Superman! fly-over footage. This will be rolled out on your iOS or Android mobile device, which is pretty awesome. There’s also Tour Guide, which takes advantage of the 3D shots in various cities. But why write about it when a nifty Google video can do the same thing?

More Street View Nooks and Crannies

Residents of Toronto might know this (since they are doing Kensington Market this week), but Google Street View are using bikes and um, humans, to map out hiking and cycling trails, with what the call the Street View Trekker. The lucky Google employees get to strap the weird and probably heavy Google cameras to their back and go for a hike. Let’s hope it’s not 40 degrees with humidity in Toronto when they are doing it.

Offline Support! (for Android)

When I travel, I try and cache a map of the area before I leave my hotel or friend’s place. That way, I can use the GPS to place a pin (without using data) and the map is cached, meaning I can “cheat” and have an accurate GPS reading over a cached map. Google has decided to be smart, and provide offline maps for Android users, with other platforms coming later.

And if you REALLY like Google and Google Maps, I’ve included some lengthy (50 minute) videos from yesterday’s press conference, which has stats about how far the cars have driven (5 million miles) and other tidbits.

The Next Dimensions of Google Maps

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