Morning Music Notes – Smooth Criminals Get MJ

Apologies from PeteHatesMusic for the delayed Morning Music Notes – blame the guy who was sick on the plane coming to get me, and the plane had to be flown back to London. I hope he’s okay (I’m only saying that as I’m sure he reads this website and I wish no ill will on our readers; well, most of them). `

Hackers Have Unreleased Michael Jackson Demos

The Internet has led to some pretty cool things, depending on who you are. Worldwide sex tapes, free (read: illegal) music and movies, and a website where I can watch a goldfish swim all day. But sometimes we feel bad for the victims, in this case, the recently deceased Michael Jackson. Remember the Sony hackers from last year? Well, as part of the estimated 50,000 songs they stole, a bunch of them were unreleased songs from Michael Jackson (via Billboard). That’ll teach him to die young.

Sony paid $200 million in order to release 10 MJ projects over 7 years. I guess they could’ve been outbid and still gotten the music, like these genius hackers did. Now, who wants to hear free MJ songs?

Depeche Mode Have a Bunch of Songs Ready

Synth pop legends Depeche Mode are preparing their return to the scene by preparing a batch of cookies songs. They apparently have 20 songs for a new album (via NME). They haven’t released an album since 2009 and no one has missed them. The band hopes to finish the album by the end of the year. Can you say double album?

A Ticket Scalper Speaks! Should We Believe Him?

Billboard had an apparently candid conversation with an anonymous ticket scalper (or tout as they call them in the UK). The scalper doesn’t like how the brokers and computers are doing ticket business these days. Hello scalper, meet Irony. And if he was my friend, I would say “Meet Chuck Norris”, and get him to deliver a roundhouse. If you don’t think computers are being used massively to screw you out of tickets, all you need to do is read this, ” I met a guy who told me he had 600 modems in his piece of crap strip mall store that generated so much heat the neighbor couldn’t get their temperature right.” Wowzers.

Watch! Jack White Do 2 Songs on Saturday Night Live

You’ve heard and seen the video for Jack White’s Love Interruption. Now you can hear a second song from the forthcoming Blunderbuss album, as it had a live debut this past weekend on Saturday Night Live. Watch them both below, and wonder how Lindsay Lohan is the host and not behind bars/in rehab. Jack and Lindsay are both single, right? Start the rumours!

Jack White – Love Interruption

Jack White – Sixteen Saltines

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  1. 2012/03/06

    […] time in new stories? Yesterday, it was discovered that the Sony hackers stole 50,000 songs, including unreleased Michael Jackson songs. Today, it is announced that 2 men have been charged (via NME). These men were actually charged on […]

  2. 2012/04/05

    […] as Jack White has released his second video from his upcoming debut solo album, Blunderbuss. You might’ve heard the song before, either on this website or if you’re a janitor snooping around Jack White’s studio. Now […]