Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, As Sung By Edited Movie Clips

There’s been a rash of videos the past little while with speeches or video clips edited and taken out of context to make up a (butchered version of a) song. While some are better than others, some are just patchy selections with terrible results. One of the better ones is the movie compilation of the song revived by being featured in the final scene of the Sopranos – Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. Most of the clips have clear audio, without every word being rushed or forced. Featured, um, feature films include Star Wars, Robocop (guess which word? Yup, Detroit), Team America, Clerks, the original Batman movie, Toy Story – and more! It doesn’t make me like this song any more – I hear enough drunken idiots singing it at bars at 1am. However, check out the edit job below.

(via Gizmodo)

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