Morning Music Notes – One Sync

Daughter are still touring their wildly success debut album, If You Leave. PeteHatesMusic saw them back in May, as well as interviewed them – be sure to check it out. Not one to take a rest, the band have dropped a new B-side called Smoke.

Daughter - -Smoke- - YouTube screen cap
The track smoulders for the better part of 3 minutes before an explosive finish, with layers of music fighting to be heard. Since I’ve exhausted my fire/smoke verbage, listen to the B-side to Youth below.

Daughter – Smoke

Morning Music Notes

Remember when Kendrick Lamar threw down that rap verse that had people going mental? People have slowly responded, with Drake saying “I know good and well that Kendrick’s not murdering me, at all, in any platform. So when that day presents itself, I guess we can revisit the topic.” Ouch! (via Billboard)

More insults: Justin Timberlake says PeteHatesMusic sucks N Sync are better than One Direction. Well, exact quote: “I’ll be willing to say that we’re better than them but I’m not laying down any gauntlet.” Isn’t that like saying cyanide is better than mercury poisoning? (via NME)

Music streaming service Spotify has made some major moves and expansions. With the Spotify Connect button, users can now shift the music playing source between their phones to different wi-fi devices in their home. Another cool feature – a social aspect, in which your friends with Spotify (and your wi-fi password) can take control of the music (via Tech Crunch)

Due to drug-related deaths, the third and final day of Electric Zoo in New York City was cancelled on Sunday. Apparently the call was made by the New York City government (via Consequence of Sound)

Microsoft has purchased Nokia’s smartphone devices and services for a whopping $7.2 billion. Seeing as the Windows phone hasn’t set the world on fire, let’s hope the purchase can rustle up some innovation and competition for Apple and Google. (via iPhone in Canada)

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