Old Man Opens Beer with Chainsaw, Becomes My New Hero

File this under Unnecessarily Awesome: a nameless old man uses a chainsaw to open a bottle of beer, and captures it on video. This is an accomplishment which men like me strive to achieve, but instead pass out on the couch and spill the salsa everywhere. It also makes opening a beer bottle with a ring on your hand that much more lame. Check it out below (via Geeklogie).

In somehow but not really related news, ticket monopolizing buggers, Live Nation, are doing something right for once – lowering the price of beer (via Hypebot). All hail new Live Nation leader, Michael Rapino! He wants an improved experience at their amphitheatres. Bad news for me – it doesn’t include Toronto!!!! Or Houston, but I’m never going to Houston, since people are always telling Houston about their problems. So a 12 oz. beer will now set you back $4, and will remain $35 in Toronto ($35 give or take a few $10s). Awesome, but not “chainsaw opening a beer bottle” awesome.

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  1. 2012/05/30

    […] that obliterated a beer bottle for no real reason. We also showed you the awesome old man who opened a beer with a chainsaw. We now have Chris Sumers and Adam Young, who decide a bottle opener is SOOO 20th […]