Friday Afternoon Funnies: Larry King Loves Him Some Dubstep

Larry King is an iconic man. He gets made fun of for having many, many ex-wives. He also gets mocked for those suspenders – why does he rock that style anyway? He is also a robot – how else could he log over 200 years in the broadcast industry (which has been around for less than 200 years, but just roll with me for a minute). So how is Larry King spending his days? Dancing to dubstep, of course.

Check out a video of him busting some moves on a lawn somewhere. Is his wearing his suspenders? That’s like asking if I’m drinking a beer while typing this! Is the video fake? In a word, no yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s not funny (well, somewhat funny). Check it out, in the still needs a better name but will never get one Friday Afternoon Funnies.

In case you thought that sucked, I’ve included a bonus video. A lot of accidents happen when you text and walk, such as falling off piers, almost walking into bears, and falling down stairs on live television. Now, I don’t know if this guy was texting and walking, but he might have fallen/jumped out of a second floor window, and it might have been captured on live TV. The best part of the video? The guy who uploaded this and filmed it, telling us to “watch the background”. Can someone make a remix of this, and maybe have Larry King dance to it – BOOYAH, I WENT FULL CIRCLE, BABY!

Watch the Background

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