Sorry Sir, You Can No Longer USE THE INTERNET or Have a Computer

Anti-Censorship protesters, take note. A Montreal native has been banned from using the Internet or owning a computer, since he made threats (and posted it on YouTube?!) against Quebec Premier Jean Charest (via Daily Dot). The 25 year old, Maxime Brown, was ordered to not come within 200 metres of Charest’s home or workplace, or the school of Charest’s children. He also cannot possess a gun, or take part in student political protests. I don’t like the death threats the hobos under the bridges utter to me, but does anyone else think the punishment does not fit the crime? Further proof – the video that was uploaded to YouTube was apparently tagged with keywords “sketch” and “gag”. I’m sure that’s not the first place the judge was looking, but how did the defense lawyer not bring this up – was it Lionel Hutz from the Simpsons on the case? The case resumes June 11.

The video is in French, and if you don’t speak French, it’s still a little bit funny (read: scary). Is this what I’ve been messing by not listening to French rap? The video was titled “Charest va payer cher!!!!” (“Charest is going to pay dearly!!!!”).

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