Listen! The Dirty Projectors – You Against The Larger World (demo)

Floating around the interwebs and landing on this website is a demo by the Dirty Projectors, as posted on SoundCloud and YouTube by head honcho Dave Longstreth. You can even see the little note he wrote.

“hello world
i wrote a ton of songs when we were upstate last year. here’s one that didn’t go further than the demo but is pretty sweet anyway. happy record store day!
– dave

Dave (or is it dave) goes on to say “Released on flexidisc as part of the Smuggler’s Way zine–available only through indie-retailers on Record Store Day, April 21, 2012.”

I wish I started more posts with “Hello world”. Of course it’d be a gigantic lie; it should be more like “hello pete, why are you still the only one who visits this site?” And then I’d get all mad and realize what a terrible idea it was to be wanting to say ‘hello world’. Oh wait, this is all hypothetical. I’m not mad – I’m happy, AND there is a Dirty Projectors demo we should be listening to below. The band also has a new album, Swing Lo Magellan, out on July 10. Check it out, literally spinning below.

The Dirty Projectors – You Against The Larger World (demo)

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