I’ve Seen The Light, I Hear Music – is it Heaven? Nope, it’s AudioBulb

Are you looking for unique ways to set up wireless speakers? Are you also in the market for, um, lightbulbs? Look no further than GiiNii’s AudioBulb – wireless speakers set up in a lightbulb that you screw into a light socket (via Dvice).

You connect your Apple device (you know the ones – iPod, iPhone, etc) or other auxiliary input into a standalone base source, set up the AudioBulbs in up to 8 light sockets or lamps, and bam – music coming from the heavens (or the light fixtures). Maybe Beauty and the Beast could have this set up in their fancy chandeliers.

This is the ultimate in mood music. As soon as Barry White or whatever mushy music you have on your iPod comes on, dim the lights from where the music is playing through the built in lighting settings, and turn your living room into a love shack.

Check out a video of how it works below.

[youtube mEJfFs7cUgY]

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