Spotify Allows You To Embed It Into Websites With New Play Button Feature

Online music streaming service, Spotify, has taken another step to gather it some more attention – they slaughtered 1 million cats in some bizarre promotion Spotify are launching a website integrated Play button (via All Things D). Now, webmasters (yup, I’m a master) like PHM can now easily embed a song from Spotify into our blog posts and you can press play and hear the song – IF you have a Spotify account. If you do, it’ll ask you to log in and will run in the background. If you do not, you’ll feel pressured since you are missing out, and you’ll give up your credit card to the Spotify streaming service.

The Play Button Feature is optimized for Tumblr website users, who will now have the Play Button right in their dashboard for their website updates. If you don’t user Tumblr, you can go to this website, and follow the simple instructions to get an HTML code to embed in your site. If I followed the steps correctly, you’ll see a link to Street Spirit by Radiohead below.

The benefits of this new feature are to keep users on your website, and the obvious benefits to Spotify are to rope in any new users, especially ones that aren’t on Facebook and don’t see all those annoying Spotify updates in their news feed. The Play Button isn’t perfect – it’s not direct web streaming, like with a YouTube or SoundCloud link, as you still need to open up the Spotify software. But it does allow good, legal quality streaming of songs with minimal effort. I think it’s about time you signed up, isn’t it?

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