No DJ? No Problem! Drum Machine T-Shirt Brings the Beats

The Star Wars animated and noise making shirt was one thing. The ThinkGeek Electronic Drum Machine Shirt takes things to a whole new level. The shirt is a fully working, portable drum machine, which makes sense, as shirts are made to be portable.

The machine has a series of pads in the chest area, depending if you have some sort of bizarrely shaped torso or not. You can record loops up to 3 minutes long, and then loop them. There is also a mini-amp that can amplify the music output. This would be good for comedy accompaniment, when you need a snare drum followed by a cymbal crash for the punchline.

Check out a video of what I want for Christmas. Video of me getting beat up in public for wearing the shirt will follow in the New Year.

[youtube ZoXUkvA9ge4]

(via Crave)

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