New Video (with a sock puppet!): The National – Exile, Vilify

As we await The National’s followup to the brilliant High Violet album, we have a song to help us from going crazy with anticipation. Or maybe it will have the opposite effect, realizing what we’re missing. Thankfully, some video games now have soundtracks (?!), and The National’s latest single, Exile, Vilify, appears on the Portal 2 soundtrack. The developers, Valve Software, held a contest to create a video clip for the song; not sure why video game footage wouldn’t have sufficed. The National themselves were judges, and they showed their love for sock puppets, voting C.F. Meister’s epic sock puppet journey the winner. If you love sock puppets, you’ll love the video below.

The National – Exile, Vilify
[youtube M4X6q7rKGd0]

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