Friday Afternoon Funnies – Facebook Law for Dummies

Facebook recently emailed everyone their new “Updates to Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.” This caused a few angry status updates from my 5 Facebook friends (4 of whom I’ve never met IRL).

Anyway, people wrote lengthy posts copied from somewhere, telling them what exactly they should do to prevent this outrageous action by Facebook. The problem is that people didn’t really read what they were posting. A lot of it didn’t make sense if you actually read it.

College Humor does a great job spoofing what people expect out of Facebook, and how ridiculous the copy/paste privacy concern posts they’ve been doing actually look. Communiqué – do you even know what that means?

Facebook Privacy Policy (For Idiots) - via CollegeHumor Video

Declaring something on your Facebook wall doesn’t make it true. If it did, “If you’re reading this, now I own your car” as the video points out. Check out the video below in this week’s always awesome Friday Afternoon Funnies.

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