Drugs and Alcohol Make You Do Weird Things, Like Grind and MAKE OUT WITH TREES!

So, do you remember the “Coachella sandal” guy? Tragically, this wasted dude tried valiantly to put on a pair of sandals, only to fail and fall over several times, and have the whole thing put up on YouTube (see below). Well, now we have another example of the effects of drugs and alcohol on our decision making (of course, ignoring the fact that I woke up wearing a clown suit on a bench by the Thames this morning). The Ultra Festival in Miami just finished, and one particular girl fell in love….WITH A TREE.

Watch this girl grind and MAKE OUT – with a tree! She grinds, slaps it, kisses it – she thinks it is a person! Not just for a few seconds, for a few MINUTES. I feel bad when her future boyfriend or job interviewer sees this video – this is one you don’t show at your wedding. Kids – don’t do drugs. Guys – dress up as trees for all rock festivals from now on.

Ultra Festival Dancing Tree Chick

Coachella Sandal Guy from 2010

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5 Responses

  1. trevor says:

    I searched for this earlier and you site was first hit on google, good SEO bud.

    great vid btw

  2. pete says:

    This just tells you that you should be going to PeteHatesMusic first for cool music shit!

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  2. 2012/09/24

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