Morning Music Notes – Dave Navarro To Act Like a Tough Guy

Craig Nicholls from the Vines Arrested for Assaulting His Parents

Everyone wants to beat up their parents, right? JUST KIDDING DAD! Singer Craig Nicholls from the Vines unfortunately lived out this fantasy, and has been charged with five offences, such as domestic assault, after an event at his parents’ house in Sydney, Australia this past weekend (via NME).

Apparently, the 35 year old Nicholls punched his mom in the head and then tried to run away when the cops were called (which seems like the natural thing to do). The Vines burst onto the scene a decade ago, drawing the unrealistically high comparisons that they sounded like “The Beatles meet Nirvana”. It’s funny because it is an apt description of them, but they have too much filler to be the combination of those generation-defining bands. Anyway, Nicholls will appear in court tomorrow. Nicholls also had a public battle with Asperger’s Syndrome a few years ago. And he also had this epic performance on David Letterman. Draw your own conclusions.

Ultra Festival Expands to Two Weekends

Miami’s Ultra Festival, perhaps most famous for a girl making out with a tree, has announced it is expanding to two weekends (via The Daily Swarm). To promote their live YouTube announcement, Ultra Music said, “On Monday October 15, we will announce something so big, so crazy, so intense that it will knock you off your seats and leave you thinking “WTF”. We’re gearing up to make global EDM history, and do something that NO electronic music festival has EVER done.”

Yes, adding a second weekend is pretty crazy. No one has thought of it before. The events are likely to take place March 15-17 and March 22-24, 2013.

Dave Navarro Rides Onto Sons of Anarchy

I thought I wouldn’t like Sons of Anarchy. After an average first season, the TV show really grew on me. I also didn’t realize that the guy who plays Jax Teller is the same guy who was in Undeclared and also in Green Street Hooligans. Acting is fascinating! Anyway, the fifth season of Sons is underway, and the man who used to bang Carmen Electra – Dave Navarro – is rumoured to appear as a Biz Lats gang member (via Rolling Stone). The Jane’s Addiction guitarist will reported appear in the last 2 episodes of this season. Jane’s Addicton’s cover of the Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil will also air during the season finale.

Golden Globes Hosts Will Continue to Be Awesome

Because (I think) people do singing stuff at the Golden Globes, this counts as music news. Plus it’s not your blog, so just enjoy the lack of focus and structure. After a few great years of Ricky Gervais as host, the Golden Globes will now be hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (via MTV). The two female comedians are friends, and became famous for their roles on Saturday Night Live. Both now star in their own shows – Fey in 30 Rock, and Poehler in Parks and Recreation. Plus Tina Fey rapped with Childish Gambino, so it does count as music news!

The best comment I read about this news is the random commenter on MTV, who stated “As far as the two of the actresses, not a lot of talent there. Very “fake” people. Besides anybody who could work with that “lame-o” Alec Baldwin (the child abuser) needs help. HE has had only one role and that was by accident because the actor they wanted was filing something else. notice that he was in ONE Tom Clancy film only, ONE!”

Please never leave your house, stay away from the Internet, and never ever have children.

Check out Green Day’s Trailer for ¡Dos!

Green Day have already dropped one of their three albums, and ¡Dos! is out on November 13. To pump you up and spit you out for the release, there’s a 50 second trailer featuring snippets of songs like Stop When The Red Lights Flash, Fuck Time, and Stray Heart. Now, does Fuck Time mean something like “forget about time – it’s stupid. Fuck time.” Or is it the allotted period of your evening where you get busy – Fuck Time! Sometimes lyrics are so deep, you just have to enjoy them. Check out the trailer below.

Watch! El-P – Stay Down

Rapper El-P has a new video from his Cancer for Cure album. The song must feature a real trombone on it, as the video tries to highlight this. The video features El-P rapping at a prom-like event, complete with mothers also in attendance. No one is too happy when El-P is on the stage, which is how I feel when I walk down the streets. Check it out below.

El-P – Stay Down

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