Morning Music Notes – Kazakhstan Greatest Country in the World. All Other Countries are Run by Little Girls

Medal Ceremony Plays Borat’s Fake Kazakhstan National Ceremony – Awesome! (unless you’re from Kazakhstan)

The Sacha Baron Cohen film, Borat, was all sorts of outrageous. It even featured a pretty clever, if not completely ridiculous, fake version of the National Anthem of Kahakstan, where fictional character Borat hails from. Apparently someone didn’t get the memo that it was fake, as the song was played for the entire arena during a medal ceremony at a sports event in Kuwait (via Hollywood Reporter). The song features some outlandish lyrics, such as the ones in this post’s headline, and “Kazakhstan industry best in world. We invented toffee and trouser belt. Kazakhstan’s prostitutes cleanest in the region. Except of course for Turkmenistan’s.” Brilliant!

If I were in the crowd, I would probably have laughed. However, if I had won the event, like Maria Dmitrienko, I would be pretty pissed that my proud, patriotic moment had been ruined by Borat and some idiots organizing the sporting event. So how did this mistake happen? Event organizers downloaded the wrong song from the Internet! How is that for thoroughness?! “The Kazakhstan National Anthem says something about ‘Borat’. He must just be the composer.” Check out the video of the mistake below.

Sigur Rós to Release Valtari in May

Icelandic band, Sigur Rós, have named their 6th studio album Valtari, and it will come out May 28 in the UK, and likely May 29 in North America (via Consequence of Sound). This information was dug up from the band’s official message board, and there is even a partial tracklisting, which I won’t waste your time with as a) you likely don’t speak Icelandic and b) it’s only partial and not official. You’re welcome.

How to Use Twitter to Get a Porn Star Prom Date

If you were like me, you were frantically building a time machine to avoid having to go to prom alone, being driven by your mom. When I write my biography, I will claim the time machine was going to be used to party with dinosaurs, so play dumb when you read it. Prom isn’t bad for everyone, especially one 18 year old Minnesota student named Mike Stone. This little ambitious guy used Twitter to ask out about 600 porn stars to his prom (via Digital Trends. (Not?) surprisingly, one 19 year old porn star, Megan Piper, agreed.

“I can make this kid’s dream prom experience come true and get a chance to go to prom. It was a win for both of us.” Megan said in an interview with ABC News. Surprisingly, Mike’s mom was OKAY with the plan, after initially being upset by it. The event has grown (much like…nah, too easy a joke), and now an adult website is paying for the cost of a limo, restaurant, and hotel suite. Are they sending camera crews, too?!

Now, Stone is a legend at his high school, after being shot down by chicks initially for prom. However, like all schools do, they killed the fun (Megan is still alive), and banned Megan from attending prom. The pair are trying to find an alternative venue, or even see if Ellen DeGeneres will throw an alternative prom event. That sounds like a buzz kill to me.

So before you complain that Twitter is useless, you too could be hanging with porn stars.

Watch! Arcade Fire – Horn of Plenty

The Hunger Games just stormed movie box offices everywhere. Is it true kids had to fight to the death in cinema lobby’s just to get popcorn? Anyway, the movie features a pretty good soundtrack, including the Decemberists and Arcade Fire. Aracde Fire have a track that doesn’t appear on the soundtrack, but is in the film, and it’s the instrumental number Horn of Plenty. The track has appeared on YouTube (not released “officially” by the band) and you listen to it below, while it’s still up.

Arcade Fire – Horn of Plenty

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