Speaking of Crap: Paris Hilton’s New Spoken Word Electronic Song

I actually feel kinda bad for Paris Hilton. Her previous attempt at a musical career pretty much stalled before it got started. Her first song, Stars Are Blind, wasn’t TERRIBLE – for pop standards, and got a raw deal because everyone hates Paris Hilton and are sick of reading her name. And that was 5 years ago! If her name wasn’t attached to the song, it might’ve done alright, to be honest with you. Okay, I’ll admit it – it’s my favourite song! There you go. And now you know why Pete Hates Music.

To show she has evolved, Paris roped in Manufactured Superstars to provide the electronic/techno beat, which plays behind her spoken word song, Drunk Text. In Paris’ mind, this is a revolutionary song. How about I broadcast the inner monologue of a chick at a club, but instead of singing, I’ll do spoken word, and instead of interesting, thought-provoking comments, I’d talk about sexting (note: 2 posts in a row about sexting!) as well as other drivel? And to top it off, I’ll add a techno beat. Watch out, Kanye West!

Unfortunately (fortunately?) the song was taken down from YouTube by the time I got home, so I missed the initial furor. Why was it taken down? Because it was panned by snarky bloggers like me and critics worldwide (via NME). After my intro, were you not thinking “hit”?

A copy of the video still exists, and you can check it out below before it gets taken down. This will be a TERRIBLE start to your Friday – it can only get better from here.

Paris Hilton – Drunk Text

Drunk Text Music Video from Craig Raby on Vimeo.

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