Morning Music Notes – Happy Diamond Jubilee, I Hope You Like Crap

Disaster in the Making? Take That’s Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber to Write Diamond Jubilee Song

The Queen celebrates her 60th year coldly ruining over England this year, in what is known as the diamond jubilee. A bunch of celebrations are being planned, including a Buckingham Palace concert with Paul McCartney, Elton John, and others, as well as a flotilla down the Thames. I don’t know what a flotilla is but it sounds damn tasty! The latest “honour” for the Queen is lame boy band member, Gary Barlow from Take That, as well as theatre musical legend, Andrew Lloyd Webber, will combine their forces to write a song for the Queen, and it will be documented for BBC1 (via Guardian).

Gary: How about we try “baby, baby, baby, don’t leave me”
Andrew: This isn’t a love song for a 13 year old girl. We’re writing a dignified song for the Queen.
Gary: How about we talk about sexting and tweeting? Is there such a thing as sexweeting?
Andrew: BBC – how do I change partners?

To make the documentary more than just an hour of bickering between the 2 musicians, Gary Barlow will travel the world to find out what the Queen means to the people of the Commonwealth. He will then promptly ignore the thoughtful comments, and write some drivel that will hit #1 in the charts. Life is cruel.

Is Google Music a Failure in the Making?

It’s been 3 months since Google announced the launch of Google Music. Apparently, Google managers have told labels that revenue is below what was expected at this point (via Crave). However, it has only been 3 months, so people are panicking – yet. Heck, some music fans don’t even know what Google Music is, so how can it be a failure? Because the online tech world is super cruel, like girls were to me in high school.

The announcement was full of promise, with major labels on board, and even Busta Rhymes showed up! The service is tied to the Android Marketplace, as well as providing you with unlimited storage online. The Apple-alternative needs to hope that things turn around, or else we’ll return to the virtual monopoly that is iTunes.

Google has added a new music-related search feature (via Gizmodo). Now when you search for a band, such as Florence + the Machine for example, it will now show you upcoming concerts from the band, which lists it as Sun Mar 4 in Bournemouth. The results are supposed to show the upcoming dates underneath the band’s official page, akin to how it does it for movie times and sports scores now for searches for sports teams. This will save you having to actually take the time to visit a website to figure out the information yourself. Hooray for people realizing how lazy we actually are.

John Peel’s Record Collection Will Be An Online Museum

Legendary BBC DJ, the late John Peel, is having his record collection turned into an interactive online museum (via NME). The massive collection consisted of 25,000 LPs, 40,000 singles, and thousands of CDs. I guess the guy wasn’t into Napster or Mega Upload. The collection will be known as The Space, which will be a digital service that will be funded by the Arts Council and the BBC. John Peel’s notes, archive performances, scribbles on bathroom walls and interviews with musicians will also be uploaded. The Space will run from May to October, with no website or exact information yet known.

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