An Email That You Only Have One Chance to Read

Sometimes you send information online to people that you don’t want to stick around forever, such as private financial information, or details of your torrid love affair. What if you could put a magical “view once and it’s gone” type effect on the message? Thanks to, now you can. The concept is simple, yet brilliant. You sign up with, create a message which is encrypted, and send it to whomever you want. Now, hopefully they have a good memory, because you can only click on the website URL once. If you try to view the URL again, tough luck, it’s self-destructed (much like my love life).

You have 1000 characters to write your deepest, darkest secrets, but make sure YOU don’t click the link yourself, because it’s only a one-time deal (from my experience, one-time deals often don’t work out, especially in dark alleyways). Of course, someone could always take a screen capture of your message and still ruin your marriage/career/internet banking security, but let’s pretend everyone is kind in this world.

(via Crave)

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