Listen and watch! A Diplo double – Climax (with Usher) and Go (with Oliver Twizt)

Superstar DJ Diplo is one busy dude. Making his name working with M.I.A. and his Major Lazer project, along with various remixes, he is constantly sprinkling his touch across the music industry. He has two tracks for you to listen to. The first is the Diplo-produced song, Climax, sung by Usher, who is in his crooning best form. Listen to it below.

The next Diplo track on this Diplo Double post is Go, with Dutch DJ, Oliver Twizt. The track has a brilliant beat that just builds and basically forces you to dance. You can’t say that about too many tracks. You can watch the trippy video below as you dance around your living room or office.

Diplo and Oliver Twizt – Go

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