Man Sets Halloween Light Show to Gangnam Style, Kids Just Want Candy

We’ve tried to stay away from posting all things Gangnam Style-related. I think yesterday may have been our first post, but it was unique in that it was a five foot robot dancing to the song. Today, we have hopefully our last post on the song, and this is a seasonal one, so it makes it to the coveted PHM blog.

Someone has set up their Halloween lights in an elaborate manner. Not only do they flicker and flash to the beat of Gangnam Style, but there are lights set up as a scary face that seemingly sing the words to the song. What I would do for that much free time!

YouTube user Elbowdeepz does this a LOT, and also has uploads of Thriller, The Doors’ Severed Garden, and the GnR cover of Sympathy for the Devil. Check out the Gangham Style one below.

Gangnam Style Halloween (Screen Cap)

Gangnam Style singer, Psy, also went to the UN – is there anything this guy can’t do? Why the hell would they invite him anyway? The Guardian reports that Psy met with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and showed him how to dance Gangnam Style. Amazingly, world peace was achieved within minutes, although Gangnam Style-related suicides numbered in the billions.

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