A Rap Battle, U.K.-styles: A student vs. a Teacher on Don’t Flop

In North America, there is a show called Freestyle Friday on BET, which features a series of amateur rappers going head to head to see who can win rap supremacy. A British equivalent is the online battle channel, Don’t Flop. I would get my ass kicked on both, since I like trying to rhyme things with orange.

In the past few weeks, one battle in particular has been making the rounds. A 17 year old student from Manchester, MC Blizzard, went up against 30 year old supply teacher / poetic Mark Grist. The battle is especially good because of the classic elements the battle presents. Student vs. teacher. Young vs. old. White vs. white.

The battle features a couple of sharp tongued rappers, with lots of great put downs, including a verse about the other person’s mom (it had to happen, didn’t it?) and letting MC Blizzard know that iPhone apps are older than he is. For those not versed with UK lingo, Ofsted is an organization that inspects and regulates schools, while gas mark is an oven setting (like C or F back in North America).

Brace yourself for several rounds of awesomeness, in which the teacher schools the pupil.

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(via Guardian)

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  1. Jack says:

    I love this! I also like how you take the time to explain what Offstead means!