Morning Music Notes – 28 If

DJ Mehdi Dies After Falling Through Ceiling

French producer DJ Mehdi died yesterday at the age of 34. It has been discovered, by the high quality reporters at TMZ, that he died after falling through a plexiglass mezzanine in his home (via Gigwise). DJ Mehdi, real name Mehdi Favéris-Essadi, worked with the likes of Chromeo, Daft Punk and Cassius.

Paul McCartney to Get Married, Attends Stella’s Birthday

The “cute Beatle”, Paul McCartney, is going to get married for a third time, crushing the dreams of (50? 60? 70? 20?) year old women everywhere. This weekend is when Paul plans to wed his fiancée, Nancy Shevel (via Rolling Stone). It’s not too late to come up with a Post-Wings band featuring a wife of yours, Paul.

Paul also attended the birthday party of his daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney (via Gigwise). Others in attendance included myself Matt Bellamy from Muse, Kate Moss, and Bono.

Life-size Batman LEGO Sculpture Built By 13 Year Old

If there’s one thing we like (er, hate) as much as music over here, it is Batman. So when you read about a 13 year old boy making a life-size Batman out of LEGO, you soon realize than you, not he, wasted their childhood. It took 3 months to build and used one million almost 20,000 LEGO pieces (via Technabob). How do we get this thing a cameo in the Dark Knight Rises? Check out more pictures on their yfrog page.

BaconBricks YFrog Picture of LEGO Batman (by Evan Bacon)

Watch New Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse Video for Body and Soul

Sadly, today would’ve been Amy Winehouse’s 28th birthday. Instead, people like her father Mitch Winehouse are turning it into something productive, as today is the launch of the Amy Winehouse Foundation (via Gigwise). The charity is hoping to help organisations in the UK and abroad which support young people who are battling with addictions.

Winehouse’s father Mitch told the Press Association: “Amy was very generous and we kept coming back to the thought of how much she loved children.

“It seemed appropriate that the focus of our work should be with young people, those who are vulnerable either through ill health or circumstance. Amy touched millions throughout the world and I know she will continue to, through the Foundation.”

And also on what would’ve been her 28th birthday, we get a new song from her, in the form of a duet with Tony Bennett. The song is Body and Soul, and you can watch it below, which features footage from the famed Abbey Studios in London.

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