Man Proposes to Girlfriend Using Pandora Ad, Confuses Grandparents

As the technological and Internet worlds grow, so do elaborate wedding proposals. On Valentine’s Day, a guy who works at AllThingsD proposed to his girlfriend who works at Mashable. There’s also the one where the guy who works at Google proposes to his girlfriend IN Google Streetview. Now comes another proposal that you’ll have difficulty explaining to your 90 year old grandparents – a man has proposed to his girlfriend using a Pandora ad (via Digital Trends).

As you may (read: should) know, Pandora is an online music streaming service. They have ads based on target demographics. Enter Kyle Taylor, who convinced the Pandora support staff to create a special advertisement just for his girlfriend, Maggie. With the help of the Pandora technical team, they had a professional actress record the “commercial”, and figured out a way to make it so only Kyle and Maggie would hear the ad, not random users who might happen to also be named Kyle and Maggie, creating a VERY awkward situation. Kyle altered his demographic data to an older age group, and used a rural zip code with fewer people. The ad team then targeted that specific demographic with his marriage proposal ad, decreasing the possibility of a very confusing ad for others.

On his graduation day from the University of North Texas, Kyle and Maggie drove to a restaurant to celebrate. If you click here, you can listen to the proposal. You can read more details on his blog (although I’ve told you a lot – honest!). Oh, you want to know what she said? She said she’s a Spotify girl yes.

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