Making Fun of Your Instagram Pics to the Tune of Nickelback’s Photograph

The worst thing about the College Humor video I am about to show you is that it’s a spoof of Nickelback’s Photograph. It’s fitting though, so we’ll give them that. The parody is for Instagram, and all the lame ass pictures that fill your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds. “Look – my omelette, on a 45 degree angle, with neon colours – fuckin’ brilliant!”

College Humor Look at this Instagram via screen cap

Yes, we’ve seen Instagram spoofs before, but this one has the added musical element to it that perhaps makes it funnier. If you want some laughs before our Friday Afternoon Funnies rolls around, check out the Look at this Instagram awesome Nickelback parody below. Note this is the first and last time “awesome” and “Nickelback” will be used positively in the same sentence.

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  1. 2012/12/05

    […] a comeback, pressing Instagram-esque videos to the backburner, hopefully forever. As you saw in the spoof video we posted earlier, they are sort of easy to poke fun at. The latest video in the VHS style (which is still sort of […]