Do You Need To Update Facebook Status? Do You Like Looking Foolish In Public? Then the LikeBelt is for you!

In the category of “unnecessary inventions” is the LikeBelt, a way to update your Facebook status or Like a business/link with the thrust of your pelvis and a Super Hero-esque belt (via Dvice). The belt uses Near Field Communication (NFC), which then connects to your belt (and your phone) and send out a Facebook update accordingly. It’s basically like Checking In to a place, but with your belt instead of pulling out your phone, and by getting extremely close to these points and thrusting your pelvis to get the belt to get recognized. It looks rather ridiculous, and if you’re dying to update your status so badly that you’d rather wear a hideous belt and hump NFCs instead of pulling out your phone, then this definitely is for you. A video to clarify my terrible description is below.

LikeBelt from deeplocal on Vimeo.

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