Morning Music Notes – Bon Jovi Gets Punk’d (By Bloggers)

Bon Jovi is NOT Dead – The Internet Lied for Once

Despite the rumours, Bon Jovi is not dead, and did not overdose from the Advils that he is now schilling for (via Gigwise). In what has (unfortunately?) become a weekly internet claim over the past few years, a new certain celebrity is accused of being dead, and needs to prove that they are alive. Elvis Presley has the opposite problem, maybe since he predates the internet. Ballad arena rocker (best title I could cook up) Bon Jovi took a picture of his Christmas tree with a piece of paper that said Dec 19 on it. The thing is – he has 365 of those pictures, with different decorations and dates! You’re not fooling me, Bon Jovi, I’ve seen your April 5 Easter Egg picture!

Maybe Bon Jovi Wishes He Were Dead: MTV’s Punk’d To Return to TV

MTV’s Punk’d, the show previously hosted by Ashton Kutcher and that famously made Justin Timberlake CRY (ha!) is returning to MTV (via, who else, MTV). Ashton Kutcher is returning as executive producer, to cause havoc to celebrities by pulling high end stunts and filming their meltdowns reactions. A sneak peak of the show will air on Dec. 31 at 11pm EST. No word on who the host is, who the A-list celebrities will be, and if Justin Timberlake will be on full alert for the next 5 years of his life.

Jay-Z and Kayne West Perform Niggas in Paris Live – ELEVEN TIMES IN A ROW

I like the album Watch the Throne a lot. I’ll listen to Murder to Excellence a couple of times in a row. 11 times? No way – who does that? Hot shots Jay-Z and Kanye West do – well, they force you to. On their Watch the Throne tour, they’ve taken to performing Niggas in Paris several times in a row, reaching 10 times in a row in Los Angeles. Is it just me, or would you be pissed if they wasted 30 minutes doing the same song? Anyway, they broke their own stupid record, by playing it 11 times in a row in Vancouver (via Chart Attack). Were you there – was it awesome?

Sneak Peak: Lana Del Rey – Off to the Races

After spiraling to fame based on the single Video Games, Lana Del Rey is prepping her first full studio album, Born to Die. One of the tracks was the iTunes UK single of the week, meaning the whole world can now hear it. Will it propel her to higher, er, heights, or will she crash and burn? What do I know, I’m just a music blogger, so listen for yourself.

Lana Del Rey – Off to the Races
[youtube YwhiP1_mEyI]

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    […] and Kanye West have launched a new video for their live favourite, Niggas in Paris, from last year’s Watch the Throne album. The video features live clips of […]