Another Kickstarter Project: An iPhone Turns into a Walkman

Kickstarter is a way to fund cool projects that require set amounts of sales in order to be produced. The latest Kickstarter project to feature on this fine website is the Audman (via Technabob). The Audman looks like a Walkman, and lets you put your iPod Touch or iPhone into there, like you would a cassette tape into a Walkman.

Audman (via Technabob)

“Designed by Dean Ekkaia and Sean Solberg, the Audman is aiming to be the world’s smallest speaker dock and it will even charge your gadget on the go. The case has dual speakers, two headphone jacks for sharing, and large analog buttons to control your music playback. It even comes with a mixtape app that makes it look like you’re playing cassettes while listening to tunes. With the lid closed, you can listen to music, and iPhone users can receive calls and make them using Voice Control dialing.”

Of course, you can’t exactly touch your screen, so if you don’t have Siri helping you, you can’t text. Apps, now that is a different story. Check out a video of the gadget and pledge (or not) today.

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