PeteHatesMusic – Now in London, England!

Just a brief note (followed by cliched song) to let you know that PeteHatesMusic will now also be based out of London, England, in addition to our regular contributions from Ottawa and Toronto. Why? Because I got deported! Because London is the epicenter of all things cool, especially music, and why not be where an amazing music scene is?

PHM will cover concerts over in London, including the upcoming Coldplay football (read: soccer) stadium tour next summer, as well as the Black Keys jaunt over to this side of the world (England, in case you are confused).

So continue reading as normal, but expect a slightly more Britified (trademark!) angle, and continue to learn about bands that you’re glad you were introduced to on PHM.

And due to it being near midnight here, I have no originality left in my system, so you’re left with a tune by – you guessed it – The Clash.

The Clash – London Calling
[youtube EfK-WX2pa8c]

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1 Response

  1. Jason says:

    hey pete, another good one is “London Loves” off Blur’s Parklife album….u know how u love some blur