Morning Music Notes – Dinosaurs Continue to Rule Super Bowl Halftime Show

Madonna Officially Announced as Super Bowl Halftime Act

What do The Who, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney have in common? If you guessed a history of heavy drug use or closer to death than us, you win! Also old but trying hard not to be is Madonna. She will join the list of seniors in the people who have hosted the Super Bowl halftime show, as Madonna has been announced as the official act for the 2012 game (via CNN). Anyone else have their fingers crossed that there is NO wardrobe malfunction?

Beady Eye Finally To Play Some Decent Tunes

Beady Eye, made up of 4/5 of Oasis (minus the 1/5 which had 4/5 of the songwriting talent), will now add some better songs to their live act. How will they be doing this? By adding Oasis songs to their usual Beady Eye setlist (via NME).

“It takes balls to go onstage and not play Oasis songs. I don’t miss those songs yet, but we’re definitely going to play them on the next tour.”

I would love to see a psychologist sit down and talk to Liam. I wonder what issues he has that has led him to have such low self esteem that he has to act like a big man (and usually an ass) 95% of the time.

Watch! Lou Reed and Metallica’s video for The View, Directed by Darren Aronofsky

What do you get when you mix Lou Reed, Metallica, and the director of the Black Swan? An even bigger mess would be an acceptable answer. If you want a visual answer, you can watch the video for The View (which is hopefully not a song abut that terrible talk show). The song is by Lou Reed and Metallica (the peanut better and jelly of collaborations, amiright?), and is directed by Darren Aronofsky, who is better known for directing Oscar-loved movies, like The Wrestler and Black Swan. Check out the results below.

Lou Reed and Metallica – The View

Watch! The Black Keys on Saturday Night Live

Did you want Steve Buscemi host Saturday Night Live this past weekend? More importantly, did you watch the Black Keys play 2 songs from their new album, El Camino? The answer for me is no – I was locked in a broom closer by some bullies. That’s not even remotely true, but I’m addicted to lying. That’s also not true – or is it? I’m confused now and want a lollipop. Anyway, depending on what part of the world you are in, you can watch the videos for the Black Keys’ performance on SNL. My apologies to those in Antarctica, who might be part of the people who are blocked from NBC’s rebroadcast zone.

The Black Keys – Lonely BoyThe Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling

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