Relive 8-bit Video Game Soundtracks with the new Saved by the Bell YouTube Interactive Game

Time Out! YouTube has interactive games? As if! Is it a 10, or what? Enough of my attempts to sound like a 90s Saved by the Bell character. Courtesy of Wired, I have learned that I can live out my fantasy of being Zack Morris and play a Choose Your Own Adventure style game, complete with memories of horrible Nintendo styled soundtrack (music related!), and hopefully win the object of my affection (Kelly Kapowski, fantasy related!). The game was designed by the Fine Brothers, who have made me a happy man.

Watch – AND INTERACT – with the video below. Make sure you make your choice before the video ends, or else it’ll seem like a shitty game without any interaction.

[youtube CumqNwQsChM]

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1 Response

  1. Leigh says:

    Hahaha, that was the best 15 minutes EVER! Going to try and do all the options left…