Using Google Streetview Strategically: Fiat Parks at VW’s Swedish Headquarters for Photo

Here is the story of one of the better photobombs of recent times. No, it doesn’t involve an animal popping in front of the camera (or even pooping in front of the camera, which is what I originally typed). The folks at Fiat saw the Google Streetview cameras driving around Södertälje, Sweden. This just happens to be where Volkswagen has their Swedish headquarters. Then came the waiting game – someone waited in a Fiat 500, and as the Google Streetview car and camera approached, they zipped into the photo, resulting in this awesome image being uploaded to Google Streetview (via Slashgear).

Thats not a Beetle (via Slash Gear)

Are you sure it's not a Beetle? I'll believe you

Check it out in Google Streetview below. If you’re like me and like all things Google Streetview-related, check other some of the cooler Google Streetview posts we’ve done. And it never hurts to give PeteHatesMusic some love – “follow PeteHatesMusic on Twitter” and “Like PeteHatesMusic on Facebook” to ensure you feed our egos.

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