Twitter – Now with 200 Million Tweets

Twitter has gone from 0 to hero 200 million daily tweets in a span of 5 years. Grandparents, heck – parents, who didn’t know what a ‘tweet’ was or ‘twitter’ was just months ago are now uploading twitpics of themselves planking for their 5 followers to see. Speaking of 5 followers, you should follow that cool cat @petehatesmusic on Twitter!

Musicians use twitter to announce album release dates, debut new songs and news, or to ask for advice what to do and see in cities on their tour dates. It has proven to be an essential tool in keeping the artist relevant, to keeping fans connected, and for displaying pics of all of the beers bands are drinking backstage. has provided a handy little graphic for you below.

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1 Response

  1. krou says:

    I have probably added about .001 tweets to those 200 million tweets/ day:)