Lady Gaga Uses Wheelchair in a Concert Stunt, Unknowningly Rips Off Kurt Cobain

The media has been in a frenzy Down Under, as Canoe reports that Lady Gaga used a wheelchair at a show in Sydney, Australia.

“The Poker Face hitmaker stunned fans by taking to the stage in Sydney on Wednesday in a wheelchair to sing her track You and I. Photographs from the concert show her wheeling herself across the stage as she performs the song, but the stunt has been blasted by disability campaigners in her native U.S. An official from the Life Rolls On Foundation has urged Gaga – who also used a wheelchair in the promo for her hit Paparazzi – to prove the incident was not simply a publicity stunt by attending an event to learn more about disability issues.”

While I do not think Lady Gaga in a wheelchair is all that newsworthy, I love the controversy. I also love how no one has drawn parallels when the world’s biggest star at the time, Kurt Cobain, did this very same thing about 19 years ago at the Reading festival in England. I suppose most Lady Gaga fans were not born then, hence no one drawing parallels. A clip (with some bizarro, unrelated intro) is below, followed by backstage wheelchair moves that would make Professor X proud.

[youtube _yOK074MPMI]

[youtube D9Zk0_QWGik]

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