Watch! Muse – Madness

Chris Martin has said that Madness is the best Muse song in his opinion. PeteHatesMusic said that it’s less bombastic than other Muse songs, and has a touch of U2’s Achtung Baby era sound on it. Amidst all of these compliments comes the official video for the song.

The video is a dark one, with a shady girl and guy casually entering a dark possibly apocalyptic subway station setting, with swarms of police entering the fray. What’s that – Muse and the apocalypse? That doesn’t seem like their subject matter! The action continues, as the woman clearly ignores the No Smoking sign and ‘lights a fag’ on the Tube, like it’s Mad Men and you can smoke wherever you want. Meanwhile, the Muse ‘gang’ go about their business, and sing and play while the action goes on around them. The couple even have a chance to embrace during the chaos, reminding me of the classic kissing picture from the Vancouver riots of 2010.

Check out the video below, and anxiously count down the days until the October 2 release date of The 2nd Law.

Muse – Madness

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