Landmark Showcase Festival 2014 Coming to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal

If I’m being honest, I have more friends in bands than I can count on both hands. I’m sure the same is true for you – everyone is in a band these days. Being in a band is one thing, getting your music heard and reaping the benefits from all those hours of getting high with your friends practice is the ultimate goal. Sure, the gig at “Sally’s Pub” might’ve been your career high to date, but what if you could land yourself on a showcase, with a chance to get recording time, music videos, cosultantion, and more?


Welcome to Landmark Showcase Festival 2014, which has been helping emerging artists since 2010. Artists get exposure to companies like Warner Music, Milagro Records, Whammo/Universal, Sony Records, Indica Records, Underground Operations, MTV Canada, and more. Landmark Events (“LME”) are bringing events to the following cities this year:

– Montreal, QC on April 20th at L’Alize
– Toronto, ON on April 26, 27 at Tattoo Rock Parlour
– Ottawa, ON on May 16, 17 at Mavericks

BANDS! If you want to sign up, you can find out information here.

Check out more about the LME showcase, and sign up before March 20!

Landmark Events Promo Video LME

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