Morning Music Notes – Tyrion Lannsiter in the Cizzastle

Let us kick off your morning with a 7 minute track from Swedish band Holograms. The track is called Lay Us Down, off of recent release Forever.

Holograms - Lay Us Down via YouTube screen cap

The black and white video is in an interesting portrayal of an interesting song, that starts off with a choir and morphs into a sprawling rock track.

Holograms – Lay Us Down

Morning Music Notes
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Season 4 of Game of Thrones is about to be unleashed on us. What better way to promote a medieval kingdom show than to have a hip hop album. Big Boi, Common, Wale, and more all not only provide songs, but even have some Game of Thrones inspired raps. Let’s hope they aren’t as cringe-worthy in execution as they are in principle. (via Crave)

The piano that John Lennon and Paul McCartney played in the movie Help! is now up for auction. I assume it won’t cost much more than a hip hop album about Game of Thrones, right? The 1907 Bechstein Concert Grand is estimated to go for around $85,000 USD. (via Rolling Stone)

One of my favourite live bands, The Decemberists, return to the concert stage. On May 30, the band will play a benefit gig in Portland, OR and play their 2002 debut Castaways and Cutouts from front to back. At least you won’t have to act out the part of a screaming whale victim for this album. (Joke only for Decemberists fans who have seen them play The Mariner’s Revenge Song). (via Consequence of Sound)

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