Morning Music Notes – Cool Blog No 2

Apparently if you don’t pay attention to the Internet, music still gets released. Let me play catch up today. There’s a hip, young band from Liverpool called The Beatles making some waves Yesterday, MGMT dropped a video for another new and weird track off of their self-titled 3rd album. The track is called Cool Song No 2, which I guess means they think they’ve released another song that’s cool. Boys, you’ve released many cool songs.

MGMT - Cool Song No 2 via Vevo screen cap
If you recognize someone in the video, that’s because it stars ME! Michael K Williams, of Omar Little fame from the Wire (and also in Boardwalk Empire). Yes, the video is super weird, as is the song, as are MGMT. Check out the weirdness below.

MGMT – Cool Song No 2

Morning Music Notes

Daft Punk and their Random Access Memories album is now Amazon’s best selling vinyl ever! Of course, Amazon and the Internet didn’t exist when records were super popular – only during their resurgence – but let’s not be a buzz kill (via Guardian)

The Kids in the Hall are planning some live performances! All here in Toronto, too. The band are playing at the lovely Isabel Bader Theatre on December 4-6, with an early and a late show on December 7. You can grab tickets through the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival website

Ricky Gervais will tour as The Office’s David Brent in October, playing all of this amazing (sarcam!) songs. This should be awkward (via NME)

Madonna is releasing a mini film on BitTorrent on September 24. It’s a 17 minute film called secretprojectrevolution and we’re all hoping she doesn’t have to act in in (via Billboard)

Remember that Morrissey biography that was pulled at the 11th hour before its release? Well, it should actually be coming out in a few weeks now (via Gigwise)

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