Listen to Two Songs from The Child of Lov, One with Damon Albarn, One with DOOM

We featured some stuff from self-proclaimed “intergalactic hip hop” music maker, The Child of Lov. The Dutch artist definitely has a unique take on things, as you can hear on a few tracks that are on the debut album he just dropped. Hopefully you heard Fly, but if not, you can make up for it with the double dose below, with guest stars Damon Albarn and DOOM no less.

The Child Of Lov - Fly

We have Owl featuring DOOM, which has a minimalist musical line being sung over with a few interesting vocal manipulations. And on the Damon “I collaborate with everyone” Albarn track One Day, we get a slooooow groove. The self titled album is out now – check out both tracks below.

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