Morning Music Notes – No Talent Required to Run With Olympic Torch

Watch Out Jay-Z, The Flaming Lips are Coming For Your Record

Jay-Z currently has the Guinness Book of World Records record for “most live concerts in 24 hours in multiple cities”, who held 7 shows in 7 cities in 2006. The Flaming Lips will attempt to break that record, gunning for 8 shows in 8 cities (via Pitchfork). The date to circle on your calendar (and by that, I meant put a dot in your iCalendar) is June 27, and it will stream live, and also coincide with the O Music Awards. The O Music Awards sounds like the pornography soundtrack awards – is that what it is?

Jay-Z accomplished his record by flying around to different cities, while the Flaming Lips will be tour bussing it across southern America. Check out a video of singer Wayne Coyne talking about it.

Google Has Playable Moog Synthesizer, Worldwide Productivity Plummets

If you popped over to Google today to search for hilarious cat videos, you might have found something cooler than cat videos – a playable Moog synthesizer. It comes complete with mixer, oscillators, filter, and envelope features. And if you sit there long enough, an arrow will point to the keyboard to clue you in that it’s not a picture – it’s playable! Better yet – you can record it, share it on Google+ (whatever that is), and share the link, which I won’t do, as my song is my Eating Gummi Bears theme song – and that’s just for me. The Google Doodle celebrates Robert Moog’s 78th birthday. Moog invented the Moog synthesizer, if that wasn’t obvious by the name of the instrument.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame Coming to NYC

Midtown Manhattan will be the home of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame (via Billboard). So I guess hip hop stars can be in both the Rock and Hip Hop Halls of Fame? Apparently the plans for the building include a restaurant, arcade, concert lounge, television studios, marquee, community and corporate rooms, and a gift shop. Have you seen a hip hop music video before – you’re seriously missing out on a landing pad for their jets and helicopters. The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards happened from 1990 until 1997, but stopped being televised after Tupac and Biggie were murdered, which seems like a logical reason to stop showing awards. I’m not sure what that means about re-starting the awards though. Hip Hop Hall of Fame: After careful consideration, we’re okay with murder once again.

Find My iPhone App Is Not Enough For a Search Warrant

I have the Find My iPhone GPS-tracking iPhone app, for those moments when I’m drunk and my iPhone grows legs and runs away from me. It’s also useful for when you get mugged and some bastard has your iPhone. But wait – you can track him from your computer using the app you’ve installed on your phone! An Ottawa woman, Jennifer Buston, had her Macbook Air taken, and she tracked where it was by using the app (via iPhone in Canada). Sgt. James McGarry from the Ottawa Police says this is not enough for a search warrant.

“Just because an app says that this is the location of where a laptop is or where a device is, it doesn’t provide us with the full picture,” said McGarry.

It just paints 99% of the picture. I’m kidding, I believe in our constitutional rights and all that garbage. But if you steal my phone, I’m breaking into your house and taking it back.

I’m Either Jealous or Want To Punch Him: Tweets While Running With Olympic Torch

The Summer Olympics are coming to London in a little over 2 months. The torch relay has touched down in the United Kingdom, and what better person to run on British soil then, um, American rapper And to show his dedication to the spirit of the Games, walked so that he could tweet that he is carrying the Olympic torch. Yes, that’s a cool tweet, but yes, you’re a douche bag. The Black Eyed Peas man was in Taunton, which he spelled as a) Taurton and b) Tauton (3 times) on his Twitter account. Spelling was not part of the criteria for carrying the torch. Idiot. Being a Douche Bag

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