Listen! Kanye West (featuring R. Kelly) – To The World

G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer collective album is about to drop, complete with a whack of new Kanye West tracks. One such track is this R. Kelly-featured song, To The World. Considering that Jay-Z and Kanye are besties, and considering how Jay-Z and R. Kelly sort of feuded near the end of their collaborative albums, it seems like an odd choice on paper.

To The World is both epic and a complete disaster. It tries too hard. The production is original and refreshing at times, with strings mixed with a good drum beat. But with weak lyrics that start off the song (“Let me see you put your middle fingers up”; “it’s my way or the highway” = LAME), mixed with some auto tune and layered vocal effects that don’t quite come off, the track isn’t an instant classic. I’ve been wrong before though.

However, Kanye does take a nice political dig at Mitt Romney, saying “I’m just trying to protect my stacks, Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax, Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax.” Check it out below.

(via Chart Attack)

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