Listen! The Twilight Sad – Nil (Liars remix)

Scottish rockers, The Twilight Sad, released a new album earlier this year, No One Can Ever Know. In a treat to fans (and fans that don’t yet know they are fans), the band are releasing a remix album on November 5. Remixes are done by Liars, The Horrors (Tom Furse), Optimo, Com Truise, Breton and more, according to the blurb on SoundCloud. Pfft, what does it know?

The remix below is for Nil, and is done by Liars. It’s nearly 8 minutes long, which is often how long it takes me to untie my shoes. The remix brings a big electronic element to the track which is a pretty far extreme from how the song originally sounded. The song sounds a bit creepy and trippy at times, and is well worth the 8 minutes. And what do you know – my shoes are now untied!

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  1. 2012/10/10

    […] Twilight Sad are readying a remix album. We’ve heard the excellent remix of Nil by Liars. Now we have the equally excellent remix of Sick by Com […]