Put Your Instagram Pictures into Instacube, an Instagram-Styled Picture Frame

Instagram’s popularity makes it ripe for accessories and related products. Not only can you sell Instagram pics and try and make money, but you can check out an Instagram-esque digital camera (which isn’t real).

The latest idea is a digital photo frame called Instacube (via Crave). This Kickstarter project is pretty close to receiving it’s $250,000 pledge goal on the crowd funding site, and still with 28 days to go. What Instacube does is it streams your Instagram photo feed straight to the digital frame.

Instacube (via Design to Matter)

Instacube has touch screen display, 4 GB of flash memory, is Wi-Fi enabled, and even has a rechargeable battery. Another great thing about it is that multiple people can push their pictures to the digital Instacube frame, so you can get a real time feed of the people you follow straight onto your Instacube. This could be a disaster for pranksters like me, taking pictures of their ass which will now grace your living room. Bachelor parties, do NOT put any pictures on Instacube if you value your upcoming marriage.

If you pledge $149, you can get one if and when the product gets made (i.e.: if it hits its funding goal). Check out a video of all of the details below.

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