Watch! When Normal Conversations and Sounds Are Turned Into Electronic Music

It seems AutoTune and voice manipulation are themes in today’s posts. The previous post turned intelligent discussions into an AutoTuned dance song. This current post outlines what Australian sound guy, Mick Gordon, did at a Game Development Conference last year. Mick asked people to make sounds or talk to him, with the plan of using the effects in a new song he was going to make with the sounds. There is a disappointing lack of farts recorded.

A Billboard number 1 it is not, but it certainly shows you the power of the music software out there. Mick uses Adobe Audition 3.1, FL Studio 10, Melodyne, Reaktor, Kontakt, PaulStretch, and stacks of plugins to make the song. The results make me want to record everything I say for the next day and make the world’s best album. Of course, I’ll just drink 10 beers and watch softcore porn instead, but aim high, right?

(via Gizmodo)

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