Plants, iPods and Speakers – Together at Last, in the Bloombox

Bonus points to the inventors of Bloombox for a clever name that doesn’t feel like a terrible pun forced down our throats. There’s a new Kickstarter project that combines the rarely combined world of plants, speakers, and music. The idea behind the Bloombox is that there’s an iPod dock on top of the whole cube, and a planter at the bottom for your, well, plants (via iPhone in Canada).

Bloombox (via kickstarter)

Snoop Dogg plays his songs AND grows pot with Bloombox

Each Bloombox is made from one piece of ceramic, then completed with a light matte glaze in black or white, and with limited colour editions, too. Perhaps each Bloombox should come with a recommended playlist of plant-related songs, or songs that are scientifically proven to help plants grow. Or even better – Disney should combine it’s plant music device, Botanicus Interactus, with this Bloombox and have a complete circle of music. Check out a promo video below, and help fund it on Kickstarter if you want one.

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